Fundraising has never been sweeter!

Photo provided by Amanda Gavcovich

This week, Miami Country Day school held our first annual “Bake-Off.”

Each team of one to three people entered a form with their team name and what they baked along with a $10 entrance fee. Teams brought in their homemade desserts and sold baked goods to other students just like any other bake sale, leaving three pieces aside for the judges to taste. The three judges decided on a winning team that won a special prize. The winning team of three sophomore girls baked a cinnamon swirl “Heaven Cake.”
The “Bake-Off” was a huge success! Not only did it raise more than $250, but it got more girls to join the school’s Girl Up Club! The event was super fun and easy because students truly had a desire to participate and be crowned the best baker of the school. The judges had a great time sampling all the food; in fact, they are probably still full!  Hopefully, the “Bake-Off” will continue on from year to year and become a Girl Up tradition at Miami Country Day School. 
So, put your aprons on because providing education, healthcare, and safety for girls in developing nations has never been sweeter!


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