Fab Female Friday: Saudi Arabian Female Drivers

Image: Aljazeera 

Today, we’re shaking things up a little on the Fab Female Friday series. We’re not profiling just one fab female, but many. Over 60. And for a good reason.

On Saturday, October 26, more than 60 women took to the streets in Saudi Arabia to do something amazing: they drove cars.

You might be thinking: why is that amazing? In most parts of the world, women driving cars is totally normal. Every other driver on the road you’re on could easily be a woman.  In fact, if you are one of our female readers, you might even be getting your driver’s license right now. But Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving. The country has no specific law banning women behind the wheel, but they cannot have driver’s licenses.

So these 60-plus women have decided to do something about it. And they want the world to know that they are just as capable of driving a car as men are. Aljazeera notes that so far, no women have been arrested as the campaign continues.

Brave, unafraid and certainly driven: all reasons why these Saudi Arabian women are fab females.


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