Fab Female: Kathy Calvin

Kathy Calvin at International Women's Day celebrations in Liberia in 2011.

As supporters of girls, we can agree that we love seeing women in positions of leadership, right?  Today, we’re thrilled to announce some exciting news: Kathy Calvin is officially stepping into her role as President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation!

After earning her degree from Purdue University, Kathy embarked on an impressive career. When she first moved to Washington D.C., Kathy worked as a researcher and editor before becoming the press secretary for Senator Gary Hart. Her ability to translate big issues into stories that people care about allowed her to excel and she went on to become the Director of Editorial Administration at U.S. News and World Report for 12 years.

In 1997, Calvin became the Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of America Online and was soon promoted to President of the AOL Time Warner Foundation. It was here that she learned to approach work as a marathon, not a sprint. While at AOL she guided AOL Time Warner's philanthropic activities and was the chief architect of the company's corporate responsibility initiatives.

Since 2003, Kathy has been leading us here at the UN Foundation to help us connect people with the UN and work to resolve some of the world’s most pressing concerns. As champions of issues affecting adolescent girls, we especially admire Kathy’s dedication to the causes of women and girls worldwide. Most recently at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, Kathy stressed the importance of this issue by noting that "investing in adolescent girls is the key to reshaping the world for the better."

We couldn’t agree more!


Submitted by Anonymous on February 2, 2013

Bravo Kathy Calvin!!! At last, a woman of impeccable leadership qualities who galvanizes the cause of the rights of women and girls worldwide!! It is an evolution that has long been stymied and relegated to an insignificant place. Only a woman has the capacity to put heart and soul into this issue! I am so thrilled and encouraged to see a woman at the helm of the United Nations Foundation!!!!!

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