Fab Female Friday: Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!!

Photo Credit: AP


There’s really no other way to describe Hillary Clinton, a woman who has been the “first” in so many of her life accomplishments.

Let’s try and count just a few of them:

First female to partner at her law firm? Check.

First First-Lady to hold a post graduate degree? Check.

First Former First-Lady to run for elected office (and win!)? Check.

First Female New York Senator? Check.

First woman to win the coveted New Hampshire state primary? Check.

First Secretary of State to turn into an internet sensation (and respond back using “lolz”)? Check!!!

We’re not saying that being the first is what is most important in life, but Secretary Clinton’s successes are significant because of what they mean for girls in America, and around the world. Having dedicated her whole life to public service, starting as a young girl volunteering in presidential campaigns to her role now as one of the most traveled, diplomatically-successful Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton is the emblem of the female leader.

So today, on her 65th birthday, we’d like to say thanks. Thanks for being such a wonderful role model. Thanks for being such a strong advocate for adolescent girls and calling for the end of child marriage. Thanks for being a fierce, fab female!

Happy birthday, “Hillz”!!


Submitted by Diana on November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do to better the world. I keep you in my prayers that you remain healthy, strong, courageous and safe.

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