Fab Female Friday: Eve Ensler

Strike. Dance. Rise.This was the mantra of Valentine’s Day’s One Billion Rising global movement to advocate against gender-based violence. Women and men gathered around the world to call for the end of violence against women.

Who was the brainchild behind this movement? Meet Eve Ensler. Tony Award-winning playright, performer, and activist, Eve is known around the world for her stance on gender-based violence and her collection of work that blends art and activism. Eve is most famous for her play The Vagina Monologues, a series of monologues that captures the female experience and encourages empowerment. Her play has inspired the V-Day movement, where thousands of productions of Ensler’s work around the world help raise money to end gender-based violence worldwide.

Eve’s latest work, the book I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls around the World and the corresponding play Emotional Creatures, aims to inspire girls to become empowered about their minds, bodies, and spirits.

As an individual who has dedicated her life to working towards a world where women and girls live free of violence, Eve Ensler has changed our world. She has inspired a global movement of striking, dancing, and rising to demand this change. She believes that we are all fabulous females. And she believes the world should know it!


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