Fab Female Friday: Michelle Bachelet

Photo Credit: UN Women

Surgeon. National Minister of Health. Head of the Defense Ministry. President. Director of UN Women.

Wait…these all describe ONE woman?! 

As a strong female leader, Michelle Bachelet of Chile leads by example and proves that, when given a voice and opportunity, women can shine.

During the time of the Chilean Revolution, Michelle’s childhood was struck by tragedy when her family was detained as political prisoners and had to flee as exiles. However, Michelle overcame the strife of her youth and went on to a career that filled with successes.

After a quick rise through the Chilean government, Bachelet reached the top in 2006 when she was elected as the first female president of Chile- all the while keeping in mind her role to advocate for women’s rights everywhere.

In 2010, the UN made a historical decision to create a division solely focused on women’s issues. Who better to lead it than a woman who has been breaking gender barriers her whole career? In her position as the inaugural Executive Director of UN Women, Michelle Bachelet dedicates her life to advancing gender equality worldwide. 

In a recent speech, Bachelet said, “Women’s rights are not a bargaining chip. Women’s rights are not up for negotiation. Women’s rights are fundamental to global development, and to international peace and security.” With her strong commitment to helping women around the world, Michelle Bachelet is one fabulous female!


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