Educate a Girl, Change the World

(Sofia is a Teen Advisor for Girl Up)

“Educate a Girl, Change the World”

This phrase, although simple, when turned into action has a profound effect on our world and resonates with me today as we celebrate International Day of the Girl. 

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a 10x10 event  at the Paley Center in New York City with four other Girl Up supporters.

In honor of International Day of the Girl and in anticipation of their feature film, Girl Rising, advocates from all over the world spoke about their firsthand experiences unleashing the power of girls’ education. 

The 10x10 campaign includes their feature film, Girl Rising, and a social action campaign. The campaign uses the power of storytelling to deliver a single message: educating girls in developing nations will change the world.

Through partnerships with organizations such as Girl Up, 10x10 is creating momentum around the movement to promote education for girls around the world. 

At the event last night, we heard from several inspiring speakers including Christiane Amanpour, Azure Antoinette, and the two writers for the film, Shabana Basu-Rasikh and Marie Arana, who are education advocates in their respective countries.

It was an incredibly moving experience to hear from women with different backgrounds, different perspectives, and different voices, but that all shared a common thread of advocating for girls.

No matter who and where we are in the world, we can and must take action to ensure that we give girls a platform to use their voices and tell their stories.

The key to helping girls find this platform is through an education. As Ms. Amanpour said when she opened the event, “This cause is something that is personal to all of us.”

For me, it is what has allowed me to pursue my passions and find my purpose, and it all comes back to my grandmother. She believed that if we invest in education for girls, we can create a world that is more aware and better informed, a world that will give us all voice. 

Like Shabana Basu-Rasikh said tonight and like my grandmother used to say, “What you have in your head, no one can ever take away from you.” 

The most valuable gift we can give and receive is an education. Join me in celebrating International Day of the Girl today by raising awareness, hosting an event, or giving a High Five towards girls’ education. 


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