My Do Something Awards Experience! is the largest online youth charity platform that connects youth with various charity projects. Recently I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Do Something Awards.

The Do Something Awards is a ceremony honoring the nation’s best, civic-minded youths who are making a difference in the world. This award show was different than most because it focused on philanthropy and the set for the show was eco-friendly. Lights were made from recycled water bottles and the wood used for the set was donated to Habitat for Humanity.

When I first arrived, I met Hope Solo, the goalie for the U.S. women’s soccer team and a two-time gold medalist! She won the Do Something “Athlete” award for her volunteer work with causes helping terminally ill children and for the marathons she runs to raise money for charity.

One of the nominees for the Do Something “Actress” award was Victoria Justice, a champion of Girl Up. I was so excited that her amazing work with Girl Up was highlighted during the awards show!

The five finalists for the “Do Something” award – which includes a $100,000 grand prize to be put toward the winner’s cause – were all fascinating young adults, but the ultimate winner was Katia Gomez. Katia’s work is similar to the work of Girl Up. She helps empower girls and women in Honduras by helping them receive an education.

Being in the presence of such impressive young people was inspirational and empowering. Each finalist had a unique and special project, which reflected their passion.

I really enjoyed the main message of the evening, which was that that you are never too young to make a change when you see an injustice. This reminds me of the similar messages embodied in the Girl Up campaign.


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