Disney's Planes Premiere: On the Red Carpet with Priyanka Chopra

Alexis Kallen and Sophia Skaaden at the Disney Planes premiere

True life: I’ve walked the red carpet at a film premiere in Hollywood!
Being involved with Girl Up has given me so many amazing opportunities, but I could have never imagined that hanging with the stars would be one of them.
Last week, fellow Girl Up supporter Sophia Skaaden and I represented the campaign at the world premiere of the Disney movie Planes at the El Capitan theatre. We were so excited to come and support the newest Girl Up Champion, Priyanka Chopra, who voices Ishani, a Pan-Asian plane from India in the film.
When Sophia and I arrived, we had to push past lots of paparazzi, bystanders and security, all hoping to see the stars. We quickly got our wristbands and made our way down the red carpet. There was plenty of pre-movie fun. We tried planes-themed food, played Disney games, and posed for pictures in front of the Planes backdrops.
Sophia and I were decked out in our Girl Up gear so we got a lot of questions about Girl Up from other attendees. We were happy to tell them about the campaign and Priyanka’s role as a Girl Up champion.
Sophia and I loved the film! I won’t give away any spoilers, but in a clip shown at the end of the movie, Ishani performs a musical number about girls being able to fly high in the face of adversity in response to a claim that a girl could never win an airplane race. Throughout the movie, Ashani shows how girls can be involved in anything.
In both her life and the movie, Priyanka does what she loves regardless of doubt or fear. For this reason, she is able to empower girls throughout the world. I was happy to see Disney include a main female character involved in a male-dominated sport.
We highly recommend that you go see Planes and look into Priyanka’s support of Girl Up!


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