Beads for Girls

Photo: Donated beads that we made bracelets out of and sold for $10 each

As our first official fundraiser, the Miami Country Day School Girl Up Club made and sold bracelets and necklaces.

Just by selling to students in our school, we made close to $300 in just two days! Using donated beads, members of our club continued to make and sell the bracelets long after our first meeting. To increase sales, we used forms of social media like instagram to showcase our jewelry.
The jewelry sale raised awareness about our club, brought in more members, and helped to spread the word about Girl Up. In fact, through the jewelry sales alone, our Miami Country Day School Girl Up Club will soon be able to achieve our GirlRaiser goal! We hope to continue our sales throughout the year alongside our other upcoming events.

Photo: Our Chairman, Michael, making bracelets

Photo: The necklace we sold for $15 each


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