Take Action Tuesday: Be ‘Tomorrow’s Leader, Today’

Every year, the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation presents the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, an action packed two-day event that inspires social entrepreneurship among youth.  

This year, the Youth Assembly will take place on February 5 and 6 at the UN headquarters. So, take action and book your flight to New York now! Just kidding. Thankfully, there is a much more convenient and comfortable option for you. The Youth Assembly will be live streaming! Here are a few reasons why you should tune in: 

  1. On Wednesday, there will be a panel of official UN youth delegates featuring delegates from The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. On Thursday the founders of companies including Return on Change, iGiveMore, and Only Six Degrees will be speaking on social entrepreneurship and youth who create their own jobs.  
  2. One of the six workshops at the assembly will be on “Empowering Young Women for Future Start Ups,” lead by Lisa Winning, Founder and CEO of HeTexted
  3. There will be a film screening of Girl Rising
  4. The UN Secretary General’s Envoy for Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, will be speaking and answering questions.

Project Director, Patrick Sciarratta promises that the 2014 Youth Assembly will be “a program of change, for change-makers, worldwide.” 

View the full program here

Live stream the event here. 

Follow the conversation online: #youthassembly


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