Be a Leader this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers around the world, and on this day I cannot help but think about the incredible impact my mother has had on me, my life and my development into a strong, young woman. My mother doesn’t stand by when she sees injustice; she stands against it. My mother is a leader, and more importantly, a fighter.

Growing up, I saw how hard my mother worked. From elementary school on, my mother and I lived alone together as we relocated from town to town, lugging our furniture from apartment to dingy apartment. When she came home from work, she would turn on the light by her nightstand and pull out her thick binders of swirling numbers and data to study for her actuarial exams. Actuarial science was her third career and a tough one, but as an immigrant woman, my mother knew that her only route to success lay in education and hard work. Today, my mother is a proud homeowner and successful actuary in a large insurance company.

My mother is the one who showed me how to be a leader. Because of her, I’ve learned that it is so important not just to stand up for yourself, but also to stand up for others. As a Girl Up Teen Advisor, I’ve had the responsibility of standing up for girls across the globe—girls who don’t have the same access to healthcare, clean water, education, and safety that my mother has been able to provided me with. There are girls in Liberia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Malawi who are just like me, but who are never given the resources or the support they need to become an empowered leader.

This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to believe in girls in developing countries – believe in them and see them as the world’s future leaders, the catalysts for global change, and the key to ending poverty. This Mother’s Day, support Girl Up and stand up for girls across the globe.

Just $9 helps one girl develop the skills she needs to become a leader who can change her community. Imagine what this world would look like with more girl leaders! Help Girl Up reach its goal of $9,000 by May 18 so that they can help provide girls in developing countries with the support they need.

Be a leader this Mother’s Day. It’s the best way to thank our mothers.


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